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ZESCHKY – The coating brand – Welcome!

1001 customised surfaces.

A cycle that the market sets in motion.

Technical sales, application engineering, developers and surface specialists from Zeschky.

Fulfil customer requirements together with its market partners.

ZESCHKY, a strong brand for competent customers!


Z-PROTECTION®means: customised coating solutions.

Z-PROTECTION®ensures that all the parameters are right and that everything is tailored to each special case.

Using Zeschky Z-PROTECTION® Zeschky turns from a galvaniser into a consultant, from a coater into a designer and hence a surface supplier for the widest range of industries.

Automotive supply industry, metal work and fittings industry, fixing technology, furniture supply industry, electrical engineering/electronics, surfaces for downgrade material.

Individual solutions to problems – worked out together with the customer.

Z-PROTECTION® - The optimal surfaces from Zeschky.

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2018-04-10 IFU-Seminar

Technik für Kaufleute und Einsteiger der Verbindungselemente-Industrie



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